Why Facebook Organic Reach is Falling Low and Low?


Social Media

When anyone talks about social media reach, Facebook is the first name that came to mind. Facebook is always the centre of these kind of conversations. Also, it is one that came to mind when we talk about organic traffic. Organic reach of the Facebook is always center of topic whenever people talk about SMO. There are some theories that it is all because of money. Facebook wants you to invest in their campaign to increase reach. But the thing is it is not all about money.

There are many discussion regarding this on the Internet. One that pulled our interest was a post of Brian Christiano. Everyone was questioning Fb for its organic traffic declining with time. The original question was:

Why is non-paid Facebook reach so bad?

It seems like a pay to win on Facebook, just wondered why it was so bad.

Brian explained this in very well manner on why the organic traffic is so bad. He said partially you can say that Facebook is into money now. But not fully, there is a thing called News Feed Algorithm. Facebook has adapted Google feed algo for their news feed.

So what does that mean? Should we make our post optimized? The answer is NO. Zuckerburg has already cleared about this that he wants to keep Facebook engaging. They want to show only engaging content to their users. So how this algo decide which post is engaging? Then answer is that when one page makes a post, Fb puts it into a small pool of page’s followers. They analyze the engagement rate in that small group of people. If it falls above their preset value it goes to other followers too else get declined.

That small pool is only 2-5% of your current followers. So smaller your follower in number then it will become harder to get engaged with all your audience.

“The one thing that brands don’t take into account is that the algorithm is rolling. So if your brand has posted poor content for a while and all of a sudden posts something theoretically awesome then FB knows historically your content sucks and it won’t widen the audience. This is why brands can cause so much damage to themselves by posting garbage or too much promotional nonsense. It hurts short term and long term.” – Brian Christiano.

So we can not basically blame Facebook alone here. They are also trying to keep up their quality just like us. Facebook is proving that they are best in social media and actually they are. Fb holds one of the best social media campaign and audience than other media.