Whose Future is in Danger: Facebook or Our Personal Data



There was a time when people pointed their finger on Facebook that it is stealing our personal data. But no one paid attention to it. And now is more targeted than before. Most of the people have lost their faith in it. This campaign is named as #DeleteFacebook. Now if you take a look at the news, you will what is really going on. Some are not any more into it and some are trying to make way to save their personal data from it. Our team just made some reading and traveling to everywhere and gathered so much information. Let’s talk about them.

1. Poisoning Data

Some people said that if you are about to delete your account on Facebook then stop. Before deleting your data, make it look like a garbage to Facebook. Kevin Matthew, a former system administrator said he has generated a script that will turn your data into a random generated data. This way before leaving you can protect your data. Because Facebook can still use it from their cache storage.

2. Big Names are Fading from Facebook

Tesla, Playboy have already left Facebook and some more are in the mood of leaving Facebook now. As we said because for them there is no trust left. Elon Musk made sure that every account associated with him and the company out from the Facebook. One person asked him to delete Instagram too but Elon said it is Ok on Insta.

3. Controversy

According to the 9news Australia, every third person in Australia might be affected by the data controversy of Facebook. Their data like calls, messages may be tracked by the Facebook application. Facebook applications like Facebook Lite and Messenger have permissions to access Calendar, Call History log, Contact Details. Whether user using Android 6.0 or above have rights to deny these permissions.

4. Blowing Target Ad

Targeted ads use user data to make them appear at the right place. Facebook is now cutting all the third party ad company off in order to protect user data. Facebook took this step after that controversy of data that happened in recent time.

5. Apple Coming Forward

Tim Cook recently said his words when the Facebook woes are on high. He mentioned to never use their user data to make profit or money. Everyone has rights to have privacy. Apple could have used user data but they didn’t instead they sell their software and hardware at a high price. This price justifies the quality and standard they are providing. Also, this is their way to make money.

These are many things like Firefox launching plugins that will stop data usage by Facebook, noobies playing smart by making changes in-app and other. But one thing to consider that this controversy has shaken everyone. And now it will be hard for Facebook to regain their trust. News companies might try to fit-in social media business by launching one of their own. But thing is that people will not trust anyone easily now.


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