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Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions of HawksCode that are listed below control the use of services and applications provided by HawksCode. The website of HawksCode, its applications and other digital services are owned by HawksCode. All the business services here are referred to HawksCode only

HawksCode welcome users to their website or digital platform and also all these mentioned services are provided by HawksCode and these services may be change in future. All the changes that are subjected to be changed are mentioned in terms & conditions.

If you outrage any law or terms & conditions or rules, regulations that the access of yours to HawksCode is terminated immediately and any other access is unauthorized. If you outrage the rules, you must have to stop the use of content after termination immediately. By accessing the services of HawksCode, you must have to agree that HawksCode can have control to monitor your access.

If you are using the services of HawksCode, you must have to be responsible for this use by your Identity or if someone else is using your identity. In case of outrage of your identity or theft, you have to notify HawksCode about it. Use of the services using robotic or scripted means is prohibited by HawksCode.

The services of HawksCode including text and images or any other content or designing or arrangement of it are property of HawksCode. HawksCode provide all the information of its website free of cost and for informational purpose it does not create any relationship between you and HawksCode. We do not accept the submission of ideas outside of business because we treat them with care. We always try our best to destroy these unauthorized ideas of submission to stop the harm to business.

When you made any deal with us, you provide the payment details to us with complete information. By sharing payment details you ensure us that you are going to make payment by this. If payment is not completed by your side than we immediately stop the access of application to you. In case of suspicious authorization, we contact to bank, payment provider or any other responsible third party.