Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout with Mixed Reality Are Available to Download


Hololens, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, VR, AR, Microsoft, Google

Many companies are into AR technology but Google and Microsoft are leaving everyone behind. What can you expect from these tech giants? In recent time there came a rumor that Google is again working on a smart glass that supports mixed reality. Now in these so many announcements, Microsoft made a big announcement. Microsoft has released 2 applications, Remote Assist and Layout with mixed reality. This is one big announcement in Build 2018 so far.

Remote Assist is available on the Headset display “Hololens” and Layout can be used via the compatible system. A device with these applications must have the understanding of AR or Mixed Reality. Both these applications will be useful for “FirstLine” workers. Both works an instruction tool. Operator can give instruction to Headset wearer. The instruction will be displayed to person with headset. Instruction will appear in a 3D model mixed with the reality wearer is seeing.

Hololens, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, VR, AR, Microsoft, Google

Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout

Currently, both the apps are in preview mode. These apps appeared in Microsoft Store last week without any announcement. These apps come with a motive to make work easy for office. This way they can collaborate with their team members. Remote Assist can be used for hand free video calling with image sharing and mixed reality annotation to get hand free instructions.

On the other hand, Layout can work with the Hololens and as well as mixed reality compatible PC. This will show you 3D model in a room at real-world scale. You can see how an object is going to fit in. It is like a hologram of that object into virtual or physical reality. Microsoft is pushing both of these applications to make mixed reality a useful thing in daily life.

Hololens, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, VR, AR, Microsoft, Google

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

When computer-generated images are superimposed to the real world live view of a person, this is called AR. That enhances user’s perspective view. In simple words as virtual reality creates an entirely virtual environment to work with. But AR uses users live view (live real environment) and superimpose it with digital/ virtual information. It might not sound thrilling as VR-Roller Coaster ride but it is far better and useful than the VR. Its use in office, industry, and home is more than we can imagine.