Google is Working on a Standalone AR Glass with Quanta Computer


Google, AR, Glass, HoloLens

Google has been already made some smart glasses before. There was a time when they had worked on Google Glass and Daydream headset. This time as they are working on another AR glass, code name “Google A65”. Before that Microsoft came with “HoloLens” in 2016. That was aimed at training, design and industrial uses. Now Google is collaborating with Quanta Computers Inc. to make this QUALCOMM based AR glasses. Quanta Computers is a Taiwan-based computer and electronic device manufacturer. They have also done a project together earlier, Pixel C tablet.

Features of Google AR Glass

As per the different sources, it is said to be that it has many features. Like the headset will be based on ARM Cortex-A75. The headset is said to be available with Google Assistant to control it. It will have a camera sensor and microphone. Its processor will support 2560×1440 (WQHD) resolution with 1080p and 1030p video support. The headset will have 3D overlay and rendering interface OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulcan. All these with Gigabit wireless, Bluetooth 5.1 and GPS. The working would be so much similar to “Hololens”.

Google, AR, Glass, HoloLens

In the report “Qualcomm also places great emphasis on the processing of certain kinds of artificial intelligence data in the chip. So the chip contains a neural processing engine and is for use in conjunction with the Android Neural Networks API designed. An integrated LTE or even 5G modem is missing.” Google’s last AR glass received so much criticism. But last year they launched its enterprise version. Despite lie HoloLens, it is hard to say if it will support mixed reality.

Google, AR, Glass, HoloLens
This is a VR Glass by HP. Design of A65 is not yet disclosed.

HoloLens make interaction with the reality and create a virtual object as part of the reality. This is what sometimes called mixed reality. The chipset of the headset already filled with an AI that is designed for IOT. Still, the headset is missing dedicated LTE or 5G modem. So it will depend upon the other devices to get access of the internet.