Microsoft Producing AI to Detect and Eliminate Fake News


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Facebook and YouTube like tech giants are facing fake news problem that is been increasing day by day. Microsoft is seeking for the answer in the AI. They are preparing the AI to eliminate these fake to news from their products like Bing Search Engine and LinkedIn. Microsoft is preparing them self in making sure that they are fighting back.

“We are already working on a couple of such AI-powered initiatives towards Bing and Linkedin. We are also trying to forge tie-ups with trusted news sources and then indicate to users what is the source of the news and letting them make their own decisions,” Heiner told IANS at the company’s sprawling. Their major focus is on the censored news and defining which news is fake? Microsoft is also trying to distinguish itself from its rivalry search engine Google.

But their rivals are also facing the same problem here. All they want is to deliver the right news and article instead of getting fake trolling news. There they had 2 options to go further. One was to hire more human moderator or implement an AI. Microsoft is trying to overcome from being a second-place search engine. As most of the population depends on Facebook and YouTube for news and information.

“The whole idea is to build applications around AI in a trustworthy way. People will not share data and they must not be. With respect to users’ privacy, we need trusted AI systems that are safe and transparent,” Heiner added.

Microsoft is coming here with a different vision. They want to implement an AI that is for all. In this era of technology, Artificial Intelligence is one thing that will make impression on society. According to them, a “trustworthy AI” has six factors.

  • Treat Everyone Fairly

  • Must be Safe

  • Protect Privacy and Security

  • Include Everyone

  • Transparent Algorithms

  • Mysterious at Time

Heiner came with few more words, “Lastly, people who are deploying AI systems — be it at Microsoft or at other companies — are to be treated as accountable for the trustworthiness of their AI systems.”

Different companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence in their products. Their motto is to make their products more advance. But the thing here is that how do you feed data to that AI. This is a big responsibility and Microsoft is very serious about it.

It is hard to say that if the Artificial Intelligence is going to kill many jobs in near future. But one this is we know that is technology have killed some jobs and created new ones. It is not sure if this will be same for AI. But one thing is sure that technology is going to make the impact on jobs again.