Wear OS is getting Updates in Google Assistant


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Google is amazing everyone as it makes new changes in its products. Last year Google Assistant made its appearance on wrists in Wear OS. This way they made it easy to find answers and get things completed on the go. This time they have made it more helping with some new upgrades and voice commands. Now with new updates, Google made integration of new smart suggestions in assistant. So whenever you are going to ask Google a question it will come with suggestions. Like if you ask him a question it will generate some suggestion.

Back to the History of Wear OS

But there are some people who are not aware of the Wear OS. So what is ‘Wear OS’ or what happened to ‘Android Wear’? So the news is Google has changed its name from Android Wear to Wear OS after 4 year. They have made a separate section for that with a slogan “Make Every Minute Matter”. So nothing happened to Android Wear it just got a new name. As it works with both Android and iOS, this name suits it better.

What is Wear OS

All you can say here is that it is just the new face of an old man. Google made ‘Android Wear’ just to make navigation easy. All you can do is command the watch through your voice. The watch will display up you the suggestion. But to make it more easy to control and handle they made some change. Google introduced voice output in watch and some change in assistant power and now it is ‘Wear OS’. Also, it works with Android and iOS with a little fewer features iOS.

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Some Other Things From Google

Google made all this announcement before their event called Google I/O. It is going to held from May 8, 2018, to May 10, 2018. This festival will be at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mount View California. This festival brings together all the developers around the world together. This event is for talk, hands-on learning with Google Experts. Also in dessert, they get a look at Google’s latest developer product. Join the festival and access to codelabs and sandboxes. If you want to stay update keep in touch with Google Developers @googledev.


  1. The smart wearables are getting an update of the google assistance and that will be very interesting to see that how these smart wearables and the OS of that implement the Google assistance and how it can be helpful for the users.

  2. Alongside the new UI, Google is also adding a new feed of information from Google Assistant, faster access to Google Fit, and a more information-dense view of your notifications. It’s a much-needed cleanup and refinement for the big changes that came in Wear OS 2.0 (née Android Wear).