Microsoft is coming with Movies and TV Streaming App to Android and iOS


Microsoft, Streaming, Netflix, Hulu, Windows StoreNow so many companies are into movie and TV series streaming business. All you need to purchase some subscription package or purchase a particular movie or TV series you want to watch. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu like platform are already in the market. These platforms are already available on all platform from web-browser to mobile applications. Microsoft also has this service in its pocket for long. Whatever movie or series you wanted to stream you need to purchase that from Microsoft Store. These purchase are can be streamed from Windows based system like PC, Xbox, or mobile phone.

iTunes for Streaming

Microsoft, Streaming, Netflix, Hulu, Windows StoreAs per a report Microsoft is planning to come with an app for streaming on Android and iOS devices. iTunes is one of the most popular apps on Microsoft Store. It was most searched application on store even when it was not present on it. iTunes application made its debut in April 2018. iTunes favorite app to stream on windows based devices.

The Source from Windows Central

Microsoft, Streaming, Netflix, Hulu, Windows StoreIn a post by Engadget about the same, they heard from an insider at Windows Central. According to that source, Microsoft is planning to bring their content to every platform. The plan was that most of the users are mobile oriented now. They like everything on phone now and most of their users are iOS or Android users. So to bring all this content to those users they are into the development of the application for both platforms. This also frees you from renting and purchasing the movie all over again.

But we know that even in brightest day dark shadows are always present. What we are saying here is that good news comes along bad news. And bad news here is that all this is not happening soon. Words are that work is still in the process. Still aside from the app, there are still ways to connect your iOS or Android device to your PC. This allows you to watch content on the phone but the app will change everything now. Hope this streaming will come to our hand very soon.

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  1. Mobile apps industry has seen some breakneck innovations and is undergoing a radical makeover. In today’s life mobile apps playing an important role in simplifying the daily tasks.

  2. And now that they officially announced windows phone is dead, I would think that they would have an option to allow people that purchased movies via the microsoft store to watch the movies on android or iphone. After they killed groove, they partnered
    with spotify to move all playlists. Seems like they should either create an app or partner with vudu. Its getting to be a nuiscance and very costly to be loyal to Microsoft.

  3. I’m not sure, but I do believe that Apple usually takes a cut for the sales done through the app store apps; Microsoft doesn’t like that, which makes sense. and they most likely don’t want to just make an entire app that you can only stream through it and not purchase any movies or tv shows (no profit,) but I hope they do.