How to do Mobile Application Development for Android and iOS


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When one thinks of coming up with a mobile application development, now it is not that simple than before. There was a time when there was a mare of applications in the market that made easy to stand out. But now there are thousands of applications build with same goals. So you can say that it is harder than before. Also making an app is costly and time-consuming too. But there are chances if you work with some plan you may achieve it with lesser cost and time.

One need to be so particular about before stepping into application development. Making your applications are now more complex than before. To go with a systematic approach towards the applications development we have made some list so to help you in working on your application.

Imagination and Idea:

If you are into creative work imagination is must need part of it. One has to imagine why he/ she is making that application. What are problem sectors that your application is going to resolve? What will be the features of your application? This imagination should provide some tangling benefit to your customers too. You must keep coming to them with new solutions, new revenue and enhanced productivity.

Market to be Targeted:

Another step before starting the journey is to know the path you are walking in so can be prepared for anything that will come later. If you don’t know any single thing about your native market, it becomes hard to compete. First is that you should know who you are targeting. Not knowing your audience is a big disadvantage. It gives you clear vision toward your application. This is where your pitch come handy. All you need to do is blend all your ideas, vision, mission and imagination into two or three sentences. This must be catchy one that explains everything you are putting into your applications.

A platform for Application:

When it comes to selecting what platform you are about to work then you must go with right choice as per business. This task is done with the analytic that you got when you researched your market. There is three choice you got; Native, Web, Hybrid. Choose one from these and they will help you in future maintenance and development.

Native: Have best UI but require better significant skills and time to develop.

Hybrid: Have a prebuilt native container with on-the-fly web coding to achieve best out of all.

Web: It is quick and cheap and is developed in HTML 5, JS and CSS.

Track Your Self:

Use an appropriate analytic tool for your application. Track how well they are performing. Analytic gives you a brief idea of how users are coming on your application. You can know how a user came to an app? What service are they using? Which one are they not? This analysis will come in handy when you are updating your application or bringing some changes as per your user’s behaviours. For this you can take help from these:

  • Google Analytic
  • Flurry
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Preemptive