Cryptocurrency Are Falling Big in Price Again



Cryptocurrency may have recovered some time by few ups but it is falling for a long time. This much fall happened in all over the March month. Also, it is not able to sustain its value and it doesn’t look like it will soon enough. Not just sustaining, markets believe that it will be this volatile because of low trading volume. Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and other might have fallen but there were some who were doing some good. Ontology and 0x are those two cryptocurrencies who performed well in this bad time. Other cryptocurrencies have shown same rise and fall in their prices.

Bitcoin showed a rise on March 28 and reached $8,200 but this doesn’t last long. This fall after a few time to $7,750 but at market roundup, it jumped back to $7,850. It may look like that it will reach to $9,000 but that will only happen when there is a spike in buy volume. Binance CEO specified that they received a letter from Japanese Financial Service Agency (FSA). He explained about this letter in his words.

“We received a simple letter from JFSA about an hour ago. Our lawyers called JFSA immediately and will find a solution. Protecting user interests is our top priority. No need to worry. Some negative news often turns out to be positive in the long term. Chinese have a proverb for this. New (often better) opportunities always emerge during times of change,”.

This letter made it look like that the market fell was due to the Binance. But if Binance has the power to make market fall then it can also raise it. Cryptocurrency is still falling and 97% of world population is still figuring out whether to buy or not. And with 3% of the population, it is hard to rise again. Because the price of cryptocurrencies depends on the buy and sell-volume of the market.