Attract Clients for Web Design using Job Boards


Job Boards is an important method to get more clients. It is a way to convert your traffic into a potential customer. From a client’s perspective, it’s a place to look for a job. Know your niche it will help you to get the right gigs.

As the previous article, we had discussions on the proposal, how it become attract clients for our organization. Now we will move further on job boards, which is another way to attract the client. Response to proposal gives us good contracts and new project opportunities. But they’re time exhaustive and time is very essential for our business. It is more important when you want to improve your revenue by getting multiple new clients.

In this situation, you might prefer a third-party marketplace.  These platforms allow freelancers to bid on them and also has a list of potential client’s. This is a better option because here web developers can post their hourly rate and for a specific project type, they can be hired by clients.

There are different kind of platforms which provide these facilities. Have a look at these following platforms.

Platforms to use Job Boards


Upwork – work with someone perfect for your team

Upwork is a popular marketplace platform, previously known as Odesk where you can collaborate and connect with your business and individual professionals. It gives the option to place the bids on client projects. It will not allow posting your own services. Upwork is a great place for your business to find new and recurring clients. In simple terms, we can say it is a cost-effective and simple way for clients to hire, work with and pay freelancers.

Now we will take a short discussion about how to attract clients on upwork. For this, you should focus on your profile, which works like pull for clients instead of push. Mention these three points in your profile which will make it attractive.

  1. Define your Ideal Client with a narrow niche tends to your work.
  2. Defines the problems that they face with respect to your niche.
  3. What result you will give them, define it.

Don’t make a profile which is about who you are. A client will never pay for you, they will pay for this how you can solve their problems. So prepare a profile which is about clients problems, how you will solve those problems and give the result as they want.


Freelancer is similar to upwork which allows you to browse your relevant work and bid on projects. It provides two ways of services: projects and contests. The project allows placing bods on jobs whereas contests allow submitting a work with a payment amount.

To attract a client on freelancer you should follow three things to do.

  1. When a client post a project place the bid within an hour. Clients need a project filled fast because a bunch of generic Spam replies.
  2. Test your profile, it will cost you money which is more than creative proposals.
  3. Stay online when you apply for a project because clients may chat immediately with applicants. Active users also appear higher in search because they may choose someone else if you are not online.


PeoplePerHour is a UK based company which allow posting a job for how much per hour they’d charge to do it. It is a marketplace which is used to connect freelancers and small businesses to buy and sell their services all over the world.

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