How to Attract Clients for Web Design Services


How to Attract Clients for Web Design ServicesHow to attract more visitors to a website? An innovative contemporary layout and responsive website design are sure to excite your clients. Its all depend on your website looks and quality of content. It depends on your services, products or information which you are displaying there. Some people suggest a beautiful colored website has much impact. If we focused on it, web pages color doesn’t much impact, it will impress the eyes for few seconds. If you keep a quality of content with proper detailed information of your products and services in your website that will attract the more clients.

Static website design is a better option if you don’t want to spend much for your Online Presence. It will give you a less demanding and approachable option with a little effort but have a proper information which helps to target your goal. For a static website, you will not able to change it frequently but you can put all things in a detailed manner on your website pages. Which helps to make it more impressive.

This was a way to attract clients through the designing of the website. Now, we will take a discussion of some strategy which helps to gain valuable users.

How to get qualified leads?”

Where do I find web design clients?”

Every freelancer or a company has asked themselves these questions. You can get a great work and able to justify your decision to your own boss if your financial stability is good. Financial stability, to achieve this you have to have clients. There is some strategy which is used to find the clients for your business.


The proposal is a critical component to find clients for your business. There are two types of people one is writing a quality proposal and another who doesn’t. A good proposal is used to pitch new business to cold leads. To make a good proposal it includes three major points Problem Statement, Proposed Solution, and Pricing Information.

Problem Statement

The problem statement is the thing, what they need you understand that exactly. Problem Statement is used to improvements in project specifications as compared to describe the problems. We can understand it with an example given below which differ between a simple and effective problem statement.

A simple problem statement –

A company wants to redesign their website to give a new look. It may include an option for customers to find the location and contact the company.

An effective problem statement –

A company has recently seen a radical increase in competition. These competitors have a contemporary website which is starting to attract their company’s longtime customers. So your company needs to redesign your website with an attractive modern look to keep your existing customers and add new ones. This redesigning of the website includes a way to find the location and contact the company for customers.

Proposed Solution

Proposed Solution is used to offer a solution to problems when you equipped with the knowledge of what motivates the client. It’s related to describe the benefits of understanding the current situation to the desired result. We Can understand it by taking an example of simple and effective proposed solution.

simple proposed solution –

A company needs to complete redesign of their existing website. This would include a location search, contact form page, and an updated logo.

An effective problem statement –

To reconstruct your reputation level in the market from new competitors, the website design must implement a focused strategy on this goal. For this, identify and analysis of the key elements of the website, different customer types with necessary calls to action.

It will be followed by a plan to focus on specific goals and will move into the design phase which includes a new logo, contact form page and location search.

Pricing Information

How much is this going to cost?”

This is a common question in every client’s mind. For any effective proposal, pricing information is a major element. It is a process where a business sets the price to sell its products and services. It will go more complicated when you are discussing it with the client. Because he wants to negotiate the price as much as possible. So, here you need to specify some specific milestones to tie payments depends on the length of projects.