Top Web Design Trends That to Stand Out from Other Company


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Designing is kept on evolving with the time. From drawing on rocks in the stone age to making digital designs on the web, designing evolved. But it is trends that actually make it more changing. People’s creativity is collaborating through time. These creative ideas are another reason for evolution. A website is a medium of conversation of you with your user/ visitor. Here website design plays a major role in keeping them connected with you. So our team of web designing made a list of trend those are running in 2018.

Web Design with Animations:

Many big names like Facebook and Twitter are using interactive and attractive animation to catch eyes. GIFs, CSS or JS animations are best to make your website say something. A website is not just a web page that you design with some text on it. It is what makes impressions so make sure it looks great. The information that website holds need to be interactive. It should put a good impression on the user. This is the way to make impacts of your brand. Make your content and information move not just lying dead on pages.

Chaos in Grids:

When we try to make something more good looking we try to put things in order. But we have seen beauty in chaos. There is design those are inspired by grids placed out of the arrangement. Grid present with information on anywhere on website is what stands them out. Not just these grids are out of order their content is also. Grid was once used to bring logic and harmony into the web design layout. But now it is something different. They are used same as before. Grids now bring adrift in the design that let image and text make better conversation. The position of content images breaking the boundaries brings unexpected overlapping beautiful design.

“Good Design is as little design as possible.”– Dieter Rams

Typography is Bliss:

If one’s business is like fashion, product sale or kind that require showcase then this is best you got. Typography or big size texts content are new trends that are used to attract people. Its use on the website is increasing this year. It is like this is an era of maximalism, an era evolved from minimalism when things were used to be clean. You will find a better example of Typography on Brutalist. This website has a good collection of different and brutal website design.

Game of Colors and Illustration:

When it comes to UI and UX you have to take care of everything that is on your plate. In 2018 another trend that is making its appearance is the use of adventurous colors and illustrations. UI and UX design company know what it is like to not investing time on them. Design team have 1 big issue while making a website design that is images and color. They know what type of layout will be but what will be color combo. Selection of image and colors plays important in UI. Illustration of images also comes handy when combined with good colors.

Curves Came in 2017:

For years, Web and Mobile UI and UX used to have sharp edge and corners. This trends ran for very long enough but in 2017 curves came in. Now from Google to Twitter to Facebook, everyone has introduced curves in their applications, AI and other things. Not designs are curvier from corners than before. That Card style is outdated now. Not just that now design is made more cartoonish with vibrant colors and patterns of shapes. Changing a little angle of perspective may make a website more fresh and catchy.

So basically designs are a matter of creativity. One has to keep applying innovative designs and creative ideas to their designs. Web design services are hard to find with great output but you can trust our name here. We are the one who keeps updated with the trends of technology to deliver our best to our best.