Top 5 Editor or Tools for Android Application Development Services


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So we were discussing the top 10 editor or android studio tools those will aid you in the application development. The service we got from these editors is like the enhancement to your development. In last post we talked about 5 editors, those were AVD manager, android device monitor, Unreal engine, Unity 3D and Android Debug Bridge. Now is the time for the next 5 editors to complete our list here. These next 5 editors also can be inbuilt or not into Android Studio.

Game Maker Studio for Android Game Development:

So if you are into game development then you can use this tool. It will help you in build 2D-game with effectively zero code. Yes for more customization you will have to go down to basic level to ‘Game Maker Language’. This is easier than Unity and Unreal Engine. But as you get things for lesser codes you get loose power and functionality. Also paying for no power and functionality is also not worthy. Yes, it is not free, it is a paid editor.

Start Application Development with Basic for Android (B4A):

A lesser known Android IDE that is needed when you are about to seriously go into application development. This IDE was developed by Anywhere Software. This IDE is fully focused on the rapid development of applications. For development, it uses BASIC language. For those who are not familiar with BASIC let us introduce you. BASIC is a simple language that read similar to the English. This programing language packs your application with several packages instead of making it stand alone. It allows you to do lots of things with JAVA and with more.

AIDE (Android IDE)

A unique IDE that is on the list. Why? Because it runs on the android itself. It is like in the way development. Now you can develop applications on your mobile or tablet. As something that moves from system to mobile, it misses so many features. The same thing happened with AIDE. It lacks so many features that Android Studio have. But plus point here is its editor and real-time testing, it is the real boon here. Highlighted code and simple tutorial are the big help in development.

Visual Studio with Xamarin:

Visual Studio is the Microsoft’s IDE that supports different languages like C#,, JavaScript, more with extensions. As Xamarin comes bundled in, you can do cross-platform development with C#. It is free to use and you can test the application on the devices those are connected with the cloud. So if you are into development of a utility app then must use this. You will not have to write code twice or thrice for different OS and devices. The only negative point here is it has less Google Features and support.


In the starting days of the Android development, Eclipse was the first choice of the developers. It is also a general IDE that supports multiple programming languages. Eclipse doesn’t support ‘Out of the box’ like the android studio. It also requires some more setups to get started. Now Google has dropped its support for Eclipse so now there is no big reason to select it over Android Studio. Also, do not go into development based on eclipse the tutorials now. These tutorials must be outdated and may be long gone. So move on and drop Eclipse.