Social Media Guide for Education Institute


va-social-media-management-1Social Media do help in spreading your words to the current and future students. It is like an open engagement with your present and potential students. Generation Z is spends a lot more time on social sites. These sites are like 2nd home to them. Another reason here is that it is better way to connect with the parents and the community. Let’s know why Social Media is that Important and How to do this engagement.

Why Social Media is Important?

The outreach generated by social sites is incredible. These are the way to make interactions with the parents, alumni, students, stack holders and community. This the way they can keep up with you. This is a fastest way to generate engagement with the potential students. Demographics, images and other media are best to give them tour of your institute.

These micro blogging sites are good for making sharing classroom announcements. This way students connected with you on social media can get updates frequently. Lectures and events shared on blogs and micro blog engage with more people sooner. It opens gate to make interactions with students and faculties from other institute. Sharing ideas and knowledge with them helps in developing a good professional image.

How to Use these Micro Blogging Sites?


Make a strategy, plan on what type of the audience you are going to engage with these sites. Your micro-blogging car is without the steering because you are running the campaign without making any strategies. You need to make list all kind of resource and staffs you’re going to make for this. Consider all the possibilities like who is going to post, who will the content provider. Also images should be unique and self made with the institutions mark on it. So you are going to need a graphic designer too.


We know that one always need to concentrate on the quality over the quantity. There are a lot of social sites but not each one have the same number of the users and engagement. Some sites are good for professional and some are for students. You do not need to appear on each option available out there. Choose your sharing platform wisely. As for education institutions you can go with: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn (optional) and Blog (integrated with website).

Departments and Communication:

Institutions have collaboration of different department. These departments need to appear of social media with individual identity. Each department need to have individual accounts. From engineering department to commerce department and other special activity department must have different accounts. This helps student in getting their updates easily. One account for all will cause lots of mess in sharing the information.

Now because departments are running differently on social media, they need be in communication at campus. This communication is necessary because it allow individuals to share their ideas openly. Also it increases number of collaborations from the students from other departments. They learn new strategies and idea that help each department’s reach grow.


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