Microsoft Xbox 360 Updates: After 2 years of Long Time


Microsoft, Xbox, One. 360, One X, PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii-UWhen it comes to home-console to games there are many players who are into PlayStation and some are into Xbox. Though Nintendo and Wii-u are still in the market, Xbox and PS have made some better reputation in Gamers Community. Xbox 360 was actually released back in 2005. Its predecessor Xbox One was released in 2013. From then many gamers have moved from 360 to One. Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s best-selling home console with 84 million units sold.

Microsoft is not yet over with its product, they have released an update on Xbox 360 after 2 long years. This same update was released back in 2016 with miner bug-fix and orientation related issues. According to Techspot article, “It is not specific yet what it does. Other than bringing miner ‘bug-fixing and improvement’ into a system.”

Microsoft made sure 360’s predecessors have everything to surpass it. Xbox One and Xbox One X are advanced in every manner to 360. Though Microsoft has ceased all the production of Xbox 360 now, still updates are here. This shows that Microsoft still cares for their products. Still, it was a surprise that Microsoft is still putting updates in this old products.

After the news of ceasing the production, Microsoft also cleared that they will continue their support to the machine. The machine will support Xbox Live, Marketplace Feature, and other updates. It is a welcome piece of news for those are still using this retro console. While Microsoft took 2 years to release an update. Its competitors did it in last year. Sony’s PlayStation got its update into November 2017 while Wii-U got its latest patch update on July 2017.

“Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is Upgraded Version of Xbox One and One X.”

Another news from the Microsoft for Gamers will be soon revealed in E3 this year. They have confirmed that Project Scorpio will run parallel to Xbox One and One X. Scorpio is an upgraded console with 4K optimization and high-fidelity VR experience. Microsoft is ready to take the gaming to another level but also on higher costs. On another side Sony PlayStation Neo will be its counterpart in the market.