Medical robots to the rescue in the battle against Covid 19

Medical robots to the rescue in the battle against Covid 19

Medical robots to the rescue in the battle against Covid 19. The Covid-19 pandemic may have brought the world to a standstill, but scientists and innovators are leaving no stone unturned to aid those who are at the forefront of this fight. Countries around the world are looking at all sorts of technologies to aid the long battle against the deadly coronavirus.

 The robot can record all activities using its in-built 3D and HD cameras, and also enables doctors and nurses to interact with patients remotely, even aiding communication between patients and their family members via a 10-inch screen. Humanoid ELF has at least 60 sensors and runs on a battery that can last up to eight hours, with an auto-charge feature. “Milagrow is very happy to support AIIMS in its fight against the pandemic and will work closely to develop more products based on the feedback. As the outbreak continues to rise alarmingly, the robots will help check the virus spread and protect doctors, nurses and caregivers from getting infected,” Rajeev Karwal, founder and chairman, Milagrow, said.

Additionally, AIIMS Delhi will also deploy Milagrow iMap 9, a floor-cleaning robot that can move independently and sanitise floors without human intervention. The robot uses a sodium hypochlorite solution to kill any Covid-19 spores on floor surfaces. Milagrow’s patented Real-Time Terrain Recognition Technology (RT2RT) scans all 360-degree angles and does it six times per second to make a floor map in real-time. This enables the iMap 9 to perform successfully in the first attempt as opposed to other robots which take twice or thrice the amount of time.

AIIMS is not the only hospital, however, where robotics are being used. A Jaipur hospital is reportedly in talks with many robotics companies for a robot that can deliver medicines and food to patients in isolation wards. The district Covid-19 centre in Ancharakkandi in Kerala’s Kannur has also deployed robots to assist health workers in caring for patients. Named Nightingale-19, the robot has been designed by students of Vimal Jyoti Engineering College in Chemberi, Kannur, and can carry food and water weighing up to 25 kg at a time. It can be controlled from a distance of 1 km.

Futuristic technology, combined with artificial intelligence, is helping scientists and health workers identify the symptoms of coronavirus, find new treatments and track its spread across the world.

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