Most Effective simple tips for Business Lead Generation for a startup


The Dynamic Economy of the World is going through various ups and downs these days. Internet, being the biggest achievement of mankind provides millions of Business Opportunities to individuals as well as organisations. Hence, a lot of startups and Business comes into existence every day, But most of them vanish without even celebrating their first anniversary. In Spite of the bulk amount of Opportunities present, Various Business owners are unable to Drive sales to their products or services due to lack of effective leads. The Overcrowded market and inability of identifying the Potential Clients are the two main reasons for failures of startups and shutdowns of Companies.

The proper Lead Generation strategy acts like a growth booster injection for startups and organizations but at the same time, improper practices of generating leads can act as a suicidal Drugs for your Business. In this article, we are going to discuss smart tips for business lead generation for various B2B and B2C companies.

The Overall goal of lead generation process is to bring high-quality traffic to your website and converting them into your future customers. But this is not as simple as it sounds, it takes months and years to reach to the right audience. To attract more potential buyers to a service or product, Both inbound, as well as outbound marketing activities, are deployed.

Attracting Leads through Websites

The first step is to attract more visitors to your website because the crowded store always has the maximum probability to sell their goods. According to a research by our marketing team, approx 60% of the customers use the service or product from the website which ranks better on the first page of a Search Engine. So, using the better strategy of SEO and SEM is always necessary in terms of Lead Generation.

Your website can act as both attracting as well as repelling magnet for leads, depending upon the content as it is the king. The content and design of the website should be Customer centric rather than a static information board of your Business. A creative portfolio for each of your previous Services and clients testimonials always generate interest of visitors in your services. Apart from these On-page activities, Off-page activites to platforms relevant to your industry always act as a helping hand in Generation of Leads.

Brand Recognition through Social media

Proper Brand Building strategy and recognition formula can help you grow exponentially in the age of high  Competition. Social Media platforms play a very crucial role in creating brand awareness for a company. In the case of B2C players, a healthy reach over Facebook always adds fuels to the sales vehicles. Linkedin act as a growth catalyst for B2B companies. Especially for IT sector service providers, a bonafide presence over Linkedin is mandatory to attract clients. It can also act as a direct lead generating platform for various companies as lots of professionals spend lots of time over Linkedin. Most of the companies are blundering by ignoring their presence or posting only promotional content on their pages. The Reach over social media can be improved in the following ways:

  1. Posting Creative and Rich media Content (visual contents and graphics) connected to followers that can create engagements and Provoke Followers to take action

  2. Reduction of Promotional Content and sharing content relevant to the industry.

  3. Proper Scheduling of Post and professional interaction with the target audience.

  4. Sharing Content of other pages and Engagement with Influencers of Corresponding Sector.

  5. Joining Relevant Groups and proper Employee Engagements

Approaching Potential Customers

After identification of qualified Clients and collecting their information, approaching them for Your services plays the key role. It becomes important for your company, that your target customers know your Services and products. For this purpose, you can use Cold emails and the approach of Email Marketing will definitely work for you. Apart from lead generation It can also help you in Data Gathering and check Idea viability.


Lead Generation is not an easy process. You will have to deploy different approaches for each of your Services. For example, if you are an IT company, You will have to develop the different strategy of lead generation for Web Design Services, Digital Marketing services and API integration. The methodology for one service cannot work for the other one. However, there are some common concepts of the lead generation which is mandatory for all the Businesses. We have discussed such strategies. Thanks for reading this article, Our Next article will be on separate Lead generation strategy of various IT services. We are also going to publish the tricks to make the floods of lead using LinkedIn.