What is Machine Learning and How it is different from Artificial Intelligence?


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This application of the Artificial Intelligence can be used from small pace to the big pace. This require system to be that able to analyze all the data and make right decisions. Here human will not make any interaction to manually feed the machine with a decision. It will learn by itself. For example, we can take our daily life example of machine learning:

  • Self-driving car project.
  • Online Suggestion of products by Application and Browsers.
  • Fraud and Spam Detection.

“A machine learning is the process when a system is taught to learn by itself with the analysis of the data and information fetched while being used.”

Nvidia on Machine Learning-
“Machine Learning at its most basic is the practice of using algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and then make a determination or prediction about something in the world.”

They also have said that it is an idea that came from the mind of AI makers. They worked on the algorithms and decision tree learning. This vision has the best area of work that is computer systems. But still, they need some hand-code to make the system learn things. It is like teaching alphabets to the system first and then let it learn how to read by itself.

The University of Washington-
“Machine learning (a.k.a. data mining or predictive analytics) will be the driver of the next big wave of innovation.”

Also said that every year there are many algorithms are released by many people. All you have to do here is that finding the right one for you. Analyze what is your system is here for and what it lacks in doing. All you need to do here now is getting the suitable algorithms for this otherwise you will get lost in this very big space of machine learning.

What makes it different from AI?

Machine Learning is just an application of Artificial Intelligence. It just a way to achieve AI. Still, you can achieve AI but you will have to work so hard. You need to make decision tree and complex algorithms those will only increase the number of lines in the source code. Machine learning like teaching an algorithm “how”. How the thing gets done, how to use a particular set of data. “Learning” here is resembling that the algorithm will feed on the data and will modify itself. It is like tagging your friend in million of photos then the one-day website will automatically grab the tag. How did that happen? This happened because machine keeps grabbing your data and learned how he looks. So now as you uploaded another picture.