What is IOT?: A better Definition or Explanation


iot, Internet of things, definition,IOT (Internet of Thing) is like a physical network of different digital devices connected to the Internet. In this practice, these device acts very smartly and share data with each other. Without these data sharing and these devices could have been dumber. It is like these devices are into a conversation where they are transferring information. This may sound simple but actually, it is not that simple. IOT is complex but let’s go with some simplified basics. This network does make some conversation those are more technical and policy related. That annoys people about what are these conversation all about.

What made IoT real?

All these networks would be nothing if the Internet wasn’t that cheap from last few years. Another thing that made it possible is cheap processor and a connecting device (wi-fi/ Bluetooth). These both combined have made this possible for everyone of us to experience this network of devices that we are now calling IoT. As the technology cost is going down, we are now integrating sensors and different devices together. These other devices are making this network smarter than before.

So What Actually IoT is?

In simple words, we can say that it is a network of devices those are connected to the Internet. These devices can get disconnected to this network on will. IoT consists of devices like cell phone, lamp, house, car, fire station, police station or many. The network can be as small as a room or it can be big as a city. The Internet has this possibility to make the network this large. An analyst firm Gartner made an estimation that by 2020 there will be more than 26 billion devices into IoT. But there are some who estimated of 100 billion devices. Now that is too much and very large network but look like this is going to soon happen.

IoT goes by its rule, “Anything that can be connected, will be connected.” For example, let’s say your alarm woke you up at 7.00AM. But now it also wakes your coffee maker and heater to prepare water and coffee for you. This sound delicious, time-saving and futuristic and this future is already happening. You don’t have to worry about most of the thing. Let’s say your car, calendar, and phones other apps are connected. Now if you are getting late because of traffic it will send a message to your office. This acknowledgement message can save you. This network sounds simple and easy to create but as you look behind the certain you look to the real mess it is creating. We will discuss this mess in our next session on IoT.