Tips for Better PHP Web and Application Development


Web-Development-1024x5761A few years back PHP might be used for only web development when it first came. But now it is used for the development of many different applications and solutions like system administration, database control, administration panel. Back then most of the people were used to be designers. It is right now one of the major development languages. But now people are moving toward making every new website as a SaaS. Here we will make discussion on how to make better web and application development with PHP.

Use Core PHP Function and Classes:

For a better and fast development of the website or application, one can take advantage of predefined functions. These functions are defined to make sure perform some task. All you need to do you is that just call them when you need them. You don’t need to waste your time on the development of your own function. Check the manual before making any new function.

File for configuration:

You can generate a whole single file for the configuration. This will work as a master file. If you need any configuration need to be done then you only need to do that into one file. So that you will need to do that same thing into several different files. This will help in maintaining the code and will make it more modular.

Error Reporting:

It is one good thing if you accept your mistakes. Remember you should always keep the error reporting when you are doing the development. This ‘White Screen of Death’ is one thing that will help you improve and maximize your potential. error_reporting’ and ‘display_errors’ these will be your two friends in development.


We used to do comments in our code to make it more understanding for other and of self. But do not overdo this practice. A good code is self-explanatory. You need to be more better at making well managed code. Comment only complicated part of your code. Your code need to have a simplicity for understanding.

Editor need to be Handy:

An editor needs to be good. Your editor need to be a feature rich. These feature should help you with your development and making it more easy. Making yourself comfortable with a handy editor will make the development process more flexible.