Samsung Foldable Phone- A new Era has Begun


Samsung Foldable Phone- A new Era has BegunJust after the Infinity Flex Samsung has shown it new creation to the world and that is foldable mobile phone at its annual developer conference at San Francisco. Just talking about this innovation brings us into the future. Just think how Samsung team have felt when their new toy worked more than fine. At the event, Koh showed people that how their folding phone is going to work from a normal mobile to a table.

The report claims Samsung’s phone will be called Galaxy F and should arrive in March 2019, shortly after the February launch of the Galaxy S10. Samsung’s head of mobile DJ Koh previously said the phone should arrive in the first part of 2019.

While there are many questions about Samsung’s foldable phone, it looks like the company will manufacture at least one million units when these devices hit the market next year. The report comes from Korea’s Yonhap, which quotes Samsung’s President of Mobile Communications Dong-Jin Koh as saying that the company is looking at the one million initial production units.

The company showed off a prototype on stage, and it actually looked a little bulky. The display appeared quite dim as well, and the stage needed to be darkened in order to show it off. When closed, it looks like a regular smartphone, and the cover can be used to display information like the weather and time. It can then be unfolded like a book to reveal a 7.3-inch display that functions similarly to a miniature tablet. According to Samsung, you can run three apps simultaneously with what it calls a Multi-Active Window.

As per the sources and other review websites it is said that the phone is going to be far more expensive than the iPhone XS Max that is priced at $1449. Samsung Galaxy F (if it is called that in future) is going to cost nearby $1700.