SaaS: What is it? Why it is so important?


saasSaaS is “Software as a Service”. This is having the service of a software whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection with good speed. It will create an environment around you to use the software. This software is somewhere in the network. As you get the browser you will get software in your system. You can use it and as the browser gets close the software will no longer exist. No need to install anything.

Example of SaaS:

For a better explanation, let’s talk about Gmail. It is just a mail sending and receiving service. Gmail is gets its service from the cloud server. These clouds stores all the user data. Now as you access it, it generates its interference into the browser. Now you get logged in, or register, use their services and then leave. Gmail doesn’t need to any installation on your system to work well. All you do is accessing the website that is actually working as a software. The browser only played a role to provide that software a platform to run.

How Can You Define SaaS?

SaaS comes with many other names like web application, browser software, on-demand software and other. Not just Gmail, it can be delivered as management software, payment software, travel details or banking software or browser games. In any way that is possible and get delivered to you. SaaS is usually a paid service for its access. This is just to license the product usage. The owner can also cloak services and support with any component.

Why is SaaS that important?

The biggest advantage it gives is of its usage. You don’t need to store software, install it or upgrading it. All of this hassle is taken care of when on the cloud. Software get its self update while it is in cloud. All you require is a browser and an Internet connection. No more need to maintain software or hardware for it. There are several kinds of premium pay of SaaS. In subscription-model, you pay depending on your usage. You will only pay for only what part you are using.

Another good thing about them is they are flexible and scalable. Your work can rely on these software with full belief of growth. Also, it is platform independent. You can access your data and function whenever you want and however you want. Why? Because they only need an OS dependency. They can freely run this on their system by getting an Internet access and a browser.