Project Maven- Google Ended Its Contract with Pentagon (DoD)


Project Maven, Google, AI, Cloud, Pentagon, DoDGoogle’s Employees were leaving their jobs as the Google had the contract with Pentagon/ DoD. Project Maven was the big issue here that was making the controversy. Google yesterday announced that there will be an end to this contract now. The current contract will end in 2019 with DoD and then it will not be renewed. As Gizmodo have noticed, the thing Google will release an update code of ethics. This reveal was due to the publication of information indicating that Google is more involved in the DoD projects by The Intercept.

The Backlash shown by the Google employees was horrible and Google doesn’t want it. Google Cloud CEO, Diane Greene announced to meet employees on Friday Morning. Three sources told this to Gizmodo. In the time when Google was pursuing more in Military and Pentagon projects, they made this decision. Google will no longer be part of Project Maven. Google will create new ethical principal next week on the use of their AI. Google’s Spoke person did not respond to questions regarding this.

When Google made the decision to provide its AI to the military for analyzing images from the drone then Google employees started backlashing. They all signed a paper that was forcing Google to end the project Maven. Some of their employees have resigned from the job.

“Project Maven made Google Employees to backlash or resing in protest.”

In meanwhile, Google defended its work on the project Maven. With its senior executives, they explained about their work in the Maven. Their work was simply to provide open-source software to the military and their work is so little in that. But as Gizmodo made more analysis of internal emails it shows that it executives viewed it as the golden opportunity for them. It will open doors for them to get more military projects.

According to Gizmodo, there were two sets of emails revealing that Google’s senior leadership was enthusiastically supportive of Project Maven. This was because it would set Google Cloud on the path to get large Pentagon contracts. But this also made them concern about how the company’s involvement would be perceived. Two emails also revealed that work on Maven faced some challenges. Google’s machine learning needs images from the drone to learn. But Govt. does not authorize this type of data to be held in their cloud.

Although Google’s software or tools were not used in any warfare. They are only helping the military in analyzing the footage from drones. The focus of Project Maven was to detect civilian-friendly zones during the air-strike.


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