Mobile UI and UX: Development Problems and Solution


mobileLet’s assume a scenario you are driving but you don’t know where to go. This will be just waste of the fuel. You are basically wasting your resources. This very thing happens when you are into mobile UI and UX. When you don’t know what problem lies in it then how are you going to solve them? All you need here is to detect the problem, define them. We are into mobile application development for more than 6 years. We have designed many mobile UI and UX at this time.

What we have learned here from our experience is that you need a follow-up plan before narrowing down your problems. You need to prepare a plan that does not limit your innovation and imagination. You need to be more creative with your solution than the product itself. We must not stop our possibilities. This streamline will help you with all the problems you are about to solve. Let’s talk about them in brief.

Perspective of User:

We know what UI means, User Interface, so why we lack user perspective in making one. We need to think of it form the user’s end. For that, we have to put on user’s shoes and then see the UI. Here the user is what all that matter.

Setting Up the Definition:

When you started thinking as a user then you must take out the problems, point to point. It will be a report documented with all the problem that a user will face. Let’s say if your app’s interface is too much simple that user of 17-22 age group will not find it attractive. And if they didn’t take interest in the app how is it going to last in market.

Do it with your Team:

Teamwork is what always pay you better. Make a team let them use your application. Now this will create a vantage point for the same UI. You will find many little and big problems in that. This will save your time and efforts. This is like pointing out on the map now all you need is to connect all these dots and find your way.

Problem Statements are the Solution:

These statements are the solution here. All the thing you are going to take need to be action oriented. These problems must be focused on the methods you are using to make goods. Go with your team and get their solution point to point but they need to be narrow. If you are focusing on the broad area then there is no point in that. Like if the point is “UI is not attractive.” Then there will be only waste of time and resource because you are going to change the whole UI. But one needs to point out what part makes it unattractive.

Same happens when it comes to the making them too narrow. Like “Change Font Style, It is not visible.” What will that do is making you paranoid over font style. It will stop you from thinking that you can replace them with icons those are more understandable. This way you can save your resources easily. Not just it, you can also try questioning your UI and UX. Ask then “Why” and you will make good profit.