The Future of the Android Devices in 2018



With this much surprises in the smartphones, it is becoming hard to imagine what is next to see. With the iPhone’s notch everyone was amazed in the starting but now it is seen as uncool. So many android phones also have adapted this hardware styling for their phone. LG, Oppo, Huawei, Honor are those brands who quickly jumped into it. But what is to come after that will be again a surprise for all. All we can say right now is something amazing is going to happen but our team made some list what we might see more in 2018 in android devices.

The Notch:

Notch is the one update that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to mobile design. Many companies have copied this notch update from iPhone X where some smart companies playing their own way. LG G7 and Asus ZenPhone 5 came with notch while maintaining the essential hardware in front, like camera, mic, speakers. This Notch game was first praised as the ‘Devil’s Horn’ but now everyone thinks of it as something cool.

While everyone was jumping into mud some stayed out of it. Samsung S9 and Google Pixel 2 came with the new update. They adopted a new way to increase body to display ratio. The solution here is ‘the stripe’. This was the way to makes unique identity while having the same functionality. This extra curvey screen is the solution here to increase body to display ratio. Samsung proved that notch is not the only solution to increase screen size. People are not looking for the Notch. Edge to edge screen that bezel give is far better than Notch.


Hardware are hard to compress that is why when it came to edge-to-edge display phone companies adapted notch. But thanks to the miniaturization of the sensors and chips it is now possible to reduce that size of the plastic that holds your phone. Apple is been dreaming for decades to come up with an all screen phone. Notch is just one step toward that dream. Samsung and Sony have learned that notch is not that much appreciated. So they have reduced the size of the bezels. A compact bezel is a good solution for bigger screen also it is easy to use with one hand than the Notch.


Another thing that is making its appearance in most of the phone is a dual camera. It first came in iPhone 7 plus and Samsung made it into Galaxy 8. Now it is normal in 2017. Most of the phone are now coming with dual-camera. Motorola, LG, Oppo, Mi they are producing their phone with same. But what makes difference here is the image processing chip. It is the thing that gives you a quality. That’s why iPhone and One Plus’s dual-camera is the only thing that is praised by people. But Sony is now working on more sensitive image processing chip. So if we are looking into future of camera our bet on Sony.

Other Updates:

If we talk about the locking the phone, iPhone came with the FaceID that use complicated 3D matrix. Then there comes Samsung with its Iris Scan before Apple’s FaceID. Then if we go with hardware beneath the skin then it is wi-fi android P comes with 802.11mc protocol support. That does better with indoor positioning. And At last OLED is the one behind edge-to-edge solution for the screen.


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