Fitness Mobile Application for your Gym

Fitness Mobile Application for your Gym

In this blog, I will talk about the fitness Mobile Application for your Gym. As the pandemic hits many industries got suffered by it and there is only one Industry who flourish in this Covid Situation is IT Industry.

If we talk about restaurants, mall, salone and Gym there are bearing a huge loss. Using a right idea and technology will make this situation a opportunity for many business like medical, healthcare, mask, ppt kit etc.

Similarly the business like restaurants move towards alternative of food Delivery apps. But what about Gym where people need to be physically present well there is solution for that too. Many Gyms had switched to online trainings, morning routines on there own app. Just take an example of Cult Gym , take an advantage of this situation and launched its own app. It increases the membership of people and the profit for the Gym.

Feature for Fitness/Gym Mobile App

Let’s talk about the features of a Gym App or a Fitness App

Login / Registration for Membership and Gym trainers

Online videos and Live sessions

Personal Diet Plan and routine exercise chart

Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba and Hard Core Exercise Session according to the Membership

Payment Gateway UPI, Credit card, debit card, Google Pay all are excepted.

Way to get a Fitness App for your Gym

You can get your own gym mobile app a company name HawksCode Software Pvt Ltd had successfully build fitness app even before the covid situation for many gyms. There name are:

Tri- Wellness a fitness website for a Health and Fitness Trainer.


I hope now you want your own fitness Gym app to help your Gym member. To learn more about these blogs like Fitness Mobile Application for your Gym visit HawksCode and Easyshiksha