Facebook’s AI will prevent Fake News & Inappropriate Content


facebook, bloomsbury, AI, Artificial Intelligence,Nowadays rumors and fake news are spreading much more quickly and widely all-around the world through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other so resolving this issue Facebook announced that it will launch an AI which can tackle fake news, adult content and other content problems. For this purpose, Facebook bought Bloomsbury, a London based AI startup which is specialized in developing and extending machine learning and natural language processing methods. According to Tech Crunch (Tech News Website), Facebook has spent 23 to 30 million dollars to buy Bloomsbury.

How can an AI solve this problem?

facebook, bloomsbury, AI, Artificial Intelligence,A very high percentage of people get news from Facebook and (Google-owned) YouTube and both of these major platforms are having troubles with handling the fake news. AI systems can evaluate how well a post’s text or a headline compares with the actual content of an article someone is sharing online. Another side AI systems can compare fake material to identified specific accounts, profiles or source websites. This can help a large number of people to avoid fake content and getting the real fact.

Why Facebook need an AI?

facebook, bloomsbury, AI, Artificial Intelligence,Facebook has a division named FAIR (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research) which is working on AI for better user experience. The main goal to have an AI is to improve natural language processing and preventing inappropriate content on  Facebook, Instagram, and its many other properties. Many times facebook acknowledged that with more than 2 billion active users it’s not an easy task to prevent fake news or material that violates Facebook rules. That’s why Facebook decided to acquire Bloomsbury.

What can Bloomsbury do for Facebook?

facebook, bloomsbury, AI, Artificial Intelligence,Bloomsbury is a British startup company that building an AI that reads text documents and answers questions about the content. In a simple way, this British company can help Facebook to further understand natural language processing and its applications. Earlier Bloomsbury co-founder Sebastian Reidel also helped to create a fake news investigator AI Factmata which can tackle misleading content on the web. So we can say that Bloomsbury is a Triumph card for Facebook to combat against content problems.

Other legend tech company’s Contribution in this Campaign

facebook, bloomsbury, AI, Artificial Intelligence,The problems Facebook and Youtube are facing with fake news have alerted other tech companies and Microsoft is also trying to build trusted algorithms and stop false news. Microsoft wants that AI systems are needed to built in to augment human capabilities.

Otherwise, human intelligence is the real key to resolve this issue. It’s important that when somebody sees a violent or inappropriate content then that person should investigate the information, not sharing that immediately. Facebook and other companies are doing their best but users should be sensible and wise about this problem.