Facebook Open-Sources The Computers Behind Its Artificial Intelligence


In this blog, Facebook Open-Sources The Computers Behind Its Artificial Intelligence. IN SILICON VALLEY, the new currency is artificial intelligence.Over the last few years, a technology called deep learning has proven so adept at identifying images, recognizing spoken words, and translating from one language to another, the titans of Silicon Valley are eager to push the state of the art even further—and push it quickly. The two biggest players are, yes, Google and Facebook.

It’s a big move, because while software platforms can certain make AI research easier, more replicable, and more shareable, the whole process is nearly impossible without powerful computers. Facebook Open-Sources The Computers Behind Its Artificial Intelligence. If you want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence concept visit Easyshiksha.

At Google, this tech not only helps the company recognize the commands you bark into your Android phone and instantly translate foreign street signs when you turn your phone their way. Regularly working with images or audio takes can be taxing for consumer-grade equipment, and some types of artificial intelligence have to break down and learn from 10 million pictures in order to learn from them. The process, called training, requires serious computing power.

This is how the modern tech world works. 

The Internet’s largest services typically run on open source software. “Open source is the currency of developers now,” says Sean Stephens, the CEO of a software company called Perfect. “It’s how they share their thoughts and ideas. In the closed source world, developers don’t have a lot of room to move.” And as these services shift to a new breed of streamlined hardware better suited to running enormous operations, many companies are sharing their hardware designs as well.

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