Facebook Designing Own AI Chip to Filter Violent Live Stream Video


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Recently Facebook has found a new problem in their system that is live streaming of violent videos by users. People are using this feature in a very bad and nasty way. Facebook tried to work out on this with other online live streaming platforms. Then in recent day, Facebook decided to design its own chip with a self-learning AI to stop steaming of these violent videos. FB users live streamed murder, violent act and even suicide. That made the website’s this feature so much infamous. These are the most disgusting imaginable for anyone but still, people are using it.

As to the solution of this problem Facebook came with a combination of AI system and human moderators. They will keep these video off the grid and AI will keep learning about it. No matter how much AI will learn but the human moderator will still keep its work going on. Facebook first tried to make this flagging-algo with other online platforms but now Facebook is developing its own AI hardware.

But why a Chip to filter Live Steam Video with AI?

A hardware chip will make the system to use less computing power. That will significantly increase the faster algorithm execution. Looks like Facebook is making a good investment by making this AI chip. AI will be helped whole time by a human moderator. This AI will take 10 minutes to bring down any violent video. Some video may stay live for up to an hour but AI will find it and bring it down. Facebook will not just clear their name but they also will make it family-friendly again.

As the tool will improvise with the time then it will help society so much. As the serial-killers will have no audience then they might stop committing murder or perpetrators will stop doing suicides. These disgusting acts from these mentally sick people will fade with time. As the murderer will no longer be glorified there will be no reason for them to live stream.

But in what way Facebook will train its new AI is still a secret. How it is going to flag videos is unknown. Like the case happen back in 2017 when a police officer shot and killed Philando Castile. His GF streamed the whole incident on Facebook live. Facebook got confused with the situation and first deleted the video as a violent video. Then Facebook undid that and uploaded video back with the graphical content warning. After that Facebook again deleted the whole video ultimately. Facebook’s logic here was, the video about violence will be allowed only if it is raising awareness not celebrating it.

So, in theory, it might be possible that the new AI chip will remove every video that is related to violence. It will not matter is it is celebrated or not.