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Well, actually one cannot decide which language is best for web development. What is best for one developer can be a crap for another web developer. It is just matter of skills set developer to have. If one developer has good skills with one language it is best for him. Development is basically based on the control over the language. To make development more beautiful one can use 2 or more different programming languages.

So let’s start our topic here with:


PHP made its debut in mid-1990. It was a revolutionary application that made it possible for a website to have a dynamic data. Before this website used to be a bulk of static data but this changed it all. It made those boring website more interactive. PHP has one problem and that is a length of the code for small tasks. It requires a lot of code to make small tasks work on a website. After 2 decades there are many languages those can replace PHP. But still the PHP is ruling its place and most programmer still prefers this language.


It was never made for web development or web applications but still, Java is said to be one of best programing language. Java had a different sole purpose, but still, get used in website development. Java is having a very long timeline so if you are into a project that will be altered by your people or other then use Java. Why? Because a basic developer knows Java well. Java’s sole purpose was never browser related development. So if you write code in Java your team will not need new to learns to make a change or maintaining code.

Go a.k.a. Golang:

This language is like an extension to any development language. It is flexible and easier than Java for web applications. Go is a general purpose language but not that popular. But it has an advantage when used for applications that work on parallel processing. This advantage increases its chances of being liked in future. So it will be a good option for you to do development of web application or other application.


Basically, Python was also not made for web development. But then Django (a python framework) made it all easy for developers. Due to this framework, a website developer can implement functionalities from python to a website. You can also use plain old Python to do application or web development.