Top Five Programming Languages of the World

Top Five Programming Languages of the World

In this article, we are going to learn about the top five programming languages of the world, you should start learning now.

Have you ever heard of python? C? C++?Java? All will say “what are you talking about? A non-programmer ever know this!” That’s true. IncludeHelp also knows that his readers have already explored a few miles on the road of C, C++, Java, and Python. Maybe still miles to go, but you all know about the languages. Below is the top five programming languages of the world.

1. Python

This century loves to work with data, loves to train their machine and believes in artificial intelligence. Python is such a genuine & general purpose language that helps you to explore all that you want to do. Python has been announced as the “most popular language of 2018” by TIOBE index. We believe the same too. Python is probably the best weapon of a geek who is working on data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software development of course.

Reasons you should learn Python first:

  • Not difficult to learn
  • Multiple programming paradigms
  • Robust standard library
  • A nice platform for developers

2. JavaScript

We have listed JavaScript as 2nd one due to his huge usage and demand in the ongoing tech-world. JavaScript is the basic building block for any frontend application. Now a days NodeJs is widely used for website development frameworks, which is actually JavaScript based.

Reasons you should learn JavaScript:

  • Must one for Full-stack developer
  • Needed to fame any frontend application

3. Swift

Top Five Programming Languages of the World

Swift is a scripting language which has become so popular in last few years only. It was launched in 2014 and has introduced now a high-paid career path. This is mainly being used in distributed computing as it allows writing scripts that distribute program execution across distributed computing resources, including clusters, clouds, grids, and supercomputers.Swift is being constantly used in economic and biometric modelling.

Reasons you should learn Swift:

  • Has a great future opportunity regarding career
  • A really nice scripting language4.

4. Java

You all are familiar a bit with Java. Probably, this was the language you learnt in your past school times or maybe junior college days. Java is powerful for its Object Oriented paradigm. Java is most famous for android development, IOT, edge device development. Strong OOP concept felicitates java as top application developing language.

Reasons you should learn JAVA:

Object oriented nature Java applets

5. C++

C++ is known to be a core language. It’s a highly efficient & reliable language. It has been on demand due to high performance & wide usage. Do you know Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X Google application (most of them), Mozilla Firefox, Adobe systems (major applications) are written in C++? top five programming languages of the world.

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