Social Media Marketing With Instagram and WhatsApp for Business


Social Media, Marketing, WhatsApp, InstagramSocial Media has proven its importance in time to time. It do not matter whether for social movement, information spreader, entertainment and business. Yes business, many companies are using it as a major marketing feature for their products. Now it depends on you and product to choose right media for promotion. Not just social media, we can also include messanging applications like WhatsApp too. These apps and sites are marketers first choice in spreading their words.

Instagram Micro Influencers for Social Media Marketing:

Social Media, Marketing, WhatsApp, InstagramInstagram is one these major social promotional site. If your business marketing include visuals to attract people then Instagram is best place to practice marketing. Insta have 800 million monthly active users and 95 million media is posted every day. If we see from the business perspective then there are 25 million business profile. Most of these businesses are related to the travelling, fashion, photography, movies or visuals and Foods.

On Insta business people use micro-influencers to promote their product. Micro-influencers are people with 1,000-10,000 followers. Here main focus is not into making followers but making impression on people. But what about people with large number of followers? There is a study that showed micro-influencers have great engagement than celebrity. So for promotional purpose you don’t have to pay big money to celebs. Go to micro-influencers, pay a little and in return you will get a lot. So that means your ROI will always look good.

“A micro-influencer allows the brand to create additional content that supports the brand. It is also perceived as an endorsement of the brand by many potential buyers. And a large percentage of people trust influencers and online reviews as much as they would trust a friend’s advice.” says David Abehsera, President and Co-founder of The Woo.

Tips on Using WhatsApp Another Handy Tool for Business

Social Media, Marketing, WhatsApp, Instagram24×7 Support:

We know that customer support is one important part of every business. WhatsApp here acts like a helping hand to you here. Giving your customer a proper support become handy and flexible with WhatsApp. Your customers want you to be present every time they need help related to your product or services.

Promotion and Marketing:

With features like Broadcast and Group Messaging, you can easily promote your products, do special announcements and tell about offers, discounts, etc. Moreover, you will get a chance to know what products you customers liked or not by asking for feedbacks. This will just not help you promote your stuff but will also tell your customers that their every word matters.

Instant Service:

Whether you own a restaurant or a toy store, WhatsApp can be your best business buddy. Business people have started to use WhatsApp as an instant ordering tool, now people just send their orders on WhatsApp and voila, the order is at their doorsteps.