Most Dangerous Technologies in 2020

Most dangerous technologies in 2020

Today’s we are going to discuss Most Dangerous Technologies in 2020. Technology is a boon or bane it is difficult to answer. As we enter new frontiers with the latest technology trends and enjoy the many positive impacts and benefits it can have on the way we work, play and live, we must always be mindful and prepare for possible negative impacts and potential misuse of the technology. Following are the Most Dangerous Technology.

Drone Swarms

The British, Chinese, and United States armed forces are testing how interconnected, cooperative drones could be used in military operations. While this technology is still in the experimentation stage, the reality of a swarm that is smart enough to coordinate its own behaviour is moving closer to reality. To learn more about drones you can visit Drones Application.

Spying Smart Home Devices

When you added the Echo to your room as a radio and alarm clock (or any other smart device connected to the Internet), you also allowed a spy to enter a home. All the information smart devices collect about your habits such as your viewing history on Netflix; where you live and what route you take home so Google can tell you how to avoid traffic, and all the info stored in the cloud. Of course, this information makes your life more convenient, but there is also the potential for abuse.

AI Cloning 

With the support of artificial intelligence (AI), all that’s needed to create a clone of someone’s voices are just a snippet of audio. AI to create an artificial YOU and the results are so convincing our brains have trouble differentiating between what is real and what is cloned. This can be used for creating fake videos.


AI and Bot-enabled Blackmailing and Hacking.When high-powered technology falls into the wrong hands, it can be very effective to achieve criminal, immoral, and malicious activities.Ransomware, where malware is used to prevent access to a computer system until a ransom is paid, is on the rise according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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