Google Trends: Its Data, Work Process and SEO


Google, Trends, SEO, Data, WorkBefore 2006, we were unable to know what people are interested in or if something big has happened. Google Trends is world’s largest real time search data set. On this tool, one can have access to what people are searching in different regions of the world. Every year trillions of the search query are generated and Google keeps storing and analyzing the data. So if anything big happened you can interpret the news with Google Trends.

It might look similar to the Google Keyword Planner but what it shows is a popularity over the time. There is a big difference here when it comes to long-term trending keywords and short term. If you are writing blogs that trend for a while go for keywords those are trending in present time. But if you are planning to keep your web page trending then go for long term keywords.

What is Google Trends Data?

The data that Google trends have is an unbiased data that is searched by billions of people from around the world. This data categorized, do not identify persons and well arranged. This allows Trend user to go with searches those are trending from worldwide to city-geography. You can manually make search too of your favorite topic.

There is two way of time zone filter. One is Real time Filter. Real time filter picks the data for query form last 7 days. On the other hand, there is Non-real time filter. This can go back to 2004 or ~36 hours back. The query can be random or whatever you like to search. Both can’t be viewed together. Both have a different set of queries that lies in a different set of time zone.

How to Work with Trends?

As we said earlier, Trends and Keyword Planner both show different data and both have different meanings. Now if you combine the data of Trends and Keyword planner you will get a better understanding of your keywords. With the help of Trends, you will know what will your potential future market. It also saves your business trip expenses for the business. Trends will let you know how trending your services are in particular country or region. So before making the trip, cross check the data with trends.

How Trends works for SEO?

Since Google Trends doesn’t give actual search numbers, it works best when used in combination with the Keyword Planner. Google Trends will show a “normalized” or relative level of interest over time for a prospective keyword phrase. It also allows you to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases. It also breakdowns the geo tagging by the ‘search by region’. Also, it is a big help in regional or local SEO. When it comes to content writing trends let you know what people are interested in. So grab the combine it with some keywords and your post is going to flourish with great traffic and top rank.