Benefits of React JS 7 reasons to choose It

Benefits of React JS 7 reasons to choose It

In today’s blog we are going to talk about Benefits of React JS 7 reasons to choose It. Jordan Walke, a former employee at Facebook, developed ReactJS. It’s an open source JavaScript library that is utilized to create user interfaces for single page apps.

Since it requires only a minimal understanding of HTML and JavaScript, React has risen in popularity as a front-end web development tool.

Without reloading web pages, developers can make certain changes in web app data. The features or purpose of this is to be easy, efficient, and quick in making a user interface for apps.

Here is : Benefits of React JS 7 reasons to choose It

Thing which is exceptional about React JS

It can be easily guessed that React is not similar to other popular frameworks, like Angular or Ember. So unlike others, it is, in fact, small, developed on the concept of components and functions properly with other frameworks as well as libraries such as JQuery, etc.

Rich User Interface

In this era, customers expert more then static HTML website from you. It is important to provide quality without load time, performance and other factor. React Js gives you everything you need to build web applications with rich user-interfaces that can promise exceptional user experiences. User-interfaces being very crucial for the success of your business, you can easily build cool UI using declarative components.

Reusable Components

Benefits of React JS 7 reasons to choose It

React provides a component based structure. You start with tiny components like button, checkbox, dropdown etc. and the you create wrapper components composed of those smaller components. And then you write higher level wrapper components. And, it goes on like that until you have this one root component and that component is your app.

Each component decides how it should be rendered. Each component has its own internal logic. This approach has some amazing results. You can re-use components anywhere you need.

Testing and Functionality

Developers can use the ReactJS framework for browsing ecmascript6 modules that define reliance and can utilize it with Babel, reacts-di, etc. These are simple to test and can be treated as the present state’s function.

They can be monitored from the triggered functions, output, events, etc. You need to test prior to using and React JS definitely makes it very easy for doing it.

Ease of Migration

Unlike Google’s Angular framework, which had faced a very alarming compatibility issue between version 1.x and 2.0, the ReactJS library supports a wide range of codebases and can be mixed into any existing infrastructure without shutting down the system.

Clean Abstraction

One of the powerful sides of React is that it provides a good abstraction which means that it does not expose any complex internals to the user.

Compare this to Angular: Why on earth should you have to learn an internal process such as digest cycles? Those kind of details better be kept as internals to provide a clean abstraction. You only need to understand a component’s life cycles, states and props to master React to accomplish everything you need.

Strong community support

Like Angular, React also has very strong community support, which is one of the main reasons to adopt React JS in your project.

Every day, a large number of individual React developers are contributing towards making React a better frontend framework. Currently, React JS has attained 136.079 starts on Github and 1,331 regular contributors.

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