Android App Development Team of WhatsApp Announces Group and Video Call Updates


whatsapp, Update, group, voice chat, video chatWhatsapp recently came with a new update in the Group. They added a new function “Group Info” into Groups. All you have to is access the group whose info you want to edit. Get more info and then you will see Group Info option just below group icon. For convenient we have posted the images following the instruction. So now you can make changes in group icon, subject and description/ info. As per a report from WABeta, this feature is out on Android, iOS and windows phone.Whatsapp

Restricted Group Update in Whatsapp:

whatsapp, Update, group, voice chat, video chatAnother feature that got live with version 2.18.132 is ‘Restricted Group’ feature. Before this function, anyone can change group icon, subject and descriptions. This feature will give a new power to the admin of the group. Now admin can choose who can make changes to the group. One can use this feature in ‘group settings’.

Upcoming Updates in Whatsapp Group:

whatsapp, Update, group, voice chat, video chatBefore that WEBeta has made some more announcements regarding follow up updates in Whatsapp. One update was about ‘Admin can restrict group members from sending the group text, gif photo and other media in the group. Admin can decide who will possess this feature, selected participants or only admin. Participants can request admin to give allowance to them by button ‘Message Admin’.

Group Video Call and Video Chat on Whatsapp:

whatsapp, Update, group, voice chat, video chatFacebook had F8 conference on May 1, 2018. There they made an announcement that group video call and video chat option is coming to Whatsapp and Instagram. Users have been waiting for this feature for a very long time and time has finally come. This is not yet revealed that how this feature will work but excitement is big. This feature was waited by used for a very long period but another surprise is that Instagram will have the same feature as well.

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Redownload WhatsApp Image and Video If Get Deleted:

Whatsapp Redownload Media UpdatesWABetainfo has made another update announcement back in April with version 2.18.106 and 2.18.110. They explained the feature by saying that Whatsapp is changing its behaviour. At first, WhatsApp used to delete media file like image video from their server as user downloads it. Now if the user accidentally deletes the media then it can not we restored or redownload again. But now they have come with a new plan to keep the media on the server. Now user can recover deleted media even after they have deleted data.

This media used to get stored on the server for 30 days till the day user will download them. As user download them it will immediately get deleted from the server. Just after downloading media if it gets deleted accidentally you cannot download them again. But now Whatsapp will hold them on their server.

Caution: This feature cannot retrieve the message once they are deleted. So do not try this.

No Interference in Voice Chat:

whatsapp, Update, group, voice chat, video chatAnother update that everyone was needed was this frustrating voice interference feature. If you too much rely on voice chat feature of application then this is for you. Before this update, if you are listening to a voice message and get interrupted then if you listen to that message again it will start from the beginning. What if the message was 5 min long and you know that you can use timeline here. So WhatsApp added this feature. It will now remember where you left the message and will resume from same as you come back.