2 Day Workshop by HawksCode at JEC College, Jaipur on Android, PHP, iOS


Workshop, HawksCode, JEC College, Android, iOS, PHPHawksCode is a team of professional and experienced executives serving the IT Industry for more than 6 years. It feels great when the education institute takes the future of their students seriously and do anything that is within their reach to benefit these students. A few days back JEC College, Kukas, Jaipur approached us to conduct a workshop on IT technologies. This workshop will be like a light on the choice they will make in future, to awake these students in what tech they are good. In my opinion, the workshop is a really important part of a student life.

Little Light on 2 Day Workshop

It is like an opportunity that was brought to our door to be a part in shaping the future of these students. Our team decided to conducts this workshop for 2 days on August 10, 2018 and August 11, 2018.

We were surprised with the energy that those students were having and that warm welcome we received was an amazing experience. This much students taking participation was a great thing. Seeing those bright eyes looking forward to us for the skills and experience we have gained in all these years. It is really a hard exercise to put all your into a 20-page slide but we have to do it very efficiently and effectively.

Our three mentors took three different classed on different technology, one was PHP, one iOS and one android. Only getting knowledge from the book is not enough, this is still a big problem in The Indian Education system. Students are thought with the books but for their better future, they need industrial touch in their study. To give that internship and workshop are best practices.

They had knowledge of these techniques and how they work but all this was limited to the book. We know this industrial knowledge do not come into exam but it gives them a third perspective. This helps them in solving complex problems in the future. And after this workshop, you can clearly see the confidence they now have to be in an IT Industry soon. Again it was an amazing experience for both the students and us.